9/27/14 - Had a really productive session at the studio Wednesday night. We continued to mix Burned. We tweaked levels and effects and I have to say, it sounds awesome! Looking to head back in 2 weeks to tie up a few loose ends and then all we need are guitar solos.

9/20/14 - Finally getting back to the studio this coming Wednesday. Probably going to continue working on mixing Burned. We're hoping to have a single released by the end of October. If you want to hear a demo of the new song Soul Murder or want to hear a really old unreleased song check out our latest blog update here.

9/13/14 - Check out our latest recording update here.

8/31/14 - Have a happy and safe holiday! We should be getting back in the studio in the next 2 weeks or so to continue working on the ep. Check back for updates. Be safe.

7/26/14 Our song A New Skin was recently played on the podcast Ghost of Raydio last Friday. There's a lot of cool music and bands worth checking out. Give it a listen here.

 7/3/14 - Need some solid hard rock to get you through the holiday weekend? Download our albums from cdbaby for under $5 each! We're practically giving them away!! Check out our Cd Baby store.



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