Sink Or Swim - 2002 12 song full length cd

Here's what people are saying about Sink Or Swim:

"Loved it!"

"totally alice in chains, but cool"

"Never has music so dark been so damned catchy"

"I love every single track!"

A New Skin - 2006 6 song ep

"I picked this CD up because I've seen the band live a number of times and they are unbelieveable. These guys are that band you need to tell your friends about. One of the first things you'll notice with this CD is that the vocals are ultra smooth, with depth and soul. Interesting lyrics and great melody are always a deadly combo. The drum and bass combo are as tight as any I've heard and hold the band together nicely. The last combo in this band would be the guitar players. People hear a guitar riff or guitar solo and weather publicly or privately say "I wish I wrote that." This record is full of those riffs. If you hear and don't immediately love this record then you're not a fan of hard rock music."  -review by Jeff from the band Lowbuz-

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A New Skin (official video)

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